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Donnerstag, 9. August 2018, 10:26

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Update Released

Release Notes for 8/8/2018
2018.08.08 -

– Added support for bomb info in GSI which can be turned on with “bomb” “1” in the configuration file.
– Added support for observer free camera information when “player_position” “1” is enabled in the configuration file.
– Added support for match round outcomes which can be turned on with “map_round_wins” “1” in the configuration file.

– Fixed Chinese voice audio for several character factions not playing correctly in the Perfect World version of the game.

– Improved quality of voice chat in the lobby.

– Added cl_drawhud_specvote setting to disable vote screens when observing.
– Fixed map names displaying incorrectly in the voting panel in Chinese.
– Adjusted spectator player panel position at different HUD scales to reduce overlap with the chat.
– Fixed hostage icons under the radar not showing up if you had cl_hud_bomb_under_radar set to 0.
– Chat and voice panel spacing has been updated slightly.
– Fixed the player name in the spectator panel overlapping with the item name in rare cases.
– cl_radar_icon_scale_min max value has been increased to 1.25
– Added a con command (spec_cameraman_set_xray) that will allow setting whether the hltv cameraman is controlling the state of the x-ray or not (1 = cameraman controlled, 0 = spectator controlled).
– Scoreboard:
— Fixed 20 players not fitting in the Casual scoreboard.
— Fixed incorrect scrolling for servers with a large number of players.
— Fixed a performance issue when maxrounds is greater than 30.
— Fixed a case where old End of Match skill group and data would get reused.
— cl_mute_enemy_team now displays on avatars.