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Mittwoch, 25. Oktober 2017, 10:29

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Update Released

Release Notes for 10/24/2017

24 OCT 2017 -

– Added a new audio occlusion model for CS:GO ( disabled by default ). This new occlusion model much more realistically simulates the occlusion of sounds that have to travel through and around materials to reach the player. Instead of simply adjusting the volume of sounds that are occluded, this new model distorts the sounds according to the properties of the materials that the sound has to travel through. Eventually we intend to turn this feature on for all users, but at the moment it can be controlled by the convar ‘snd_occlusion’. Use ‘snd_occlusion 1’ to turn this new feature on. Feedback on it is welcome.
– Fixed a bug where some sounds would play multiple times when observing.

– Performance optimizations on low-end and medium-end computers.
– Removed windows and awning on Catwalk for visibility.
– Moved door awning on Short A for player movement.
– Fixed slit in boxes in Lower Tunnels.
– Removed small port hole windows from towers at Short A for visibility.
– Removed grain sack from Bombsite A.
– Removed awnings from Salon on Long.
– Grenade Clipped stone trim pieces.
– Fixed room at CT Spawn eating weapons.
– Moved windows and conduits from wall looking from CT Ramp to Short A.
– Fixed a number of small holes in the world.
– Fixed fade distance on barrel at Mid.
– Upped light value on a number of windows for visibility.
– Lowered noise and contrast on some texture sets for visibility.
– Fixed non-precise clipping on dumpsters at Outside Tunnels.
– Set ‘surfaceproperty’ on Cars to ‘metalvehicle’.
– Addressed visibility on Pit.
– Removed rollup door on Salon for visibility.
– Fixed some noisy walls in Tunnels for visibility.
– Addressed some visibility issues in Back B Plat.
– Upped contrast for some cover props at Bombsite B.
– Fixed clip that players could get stuck on in Pit Plat.
– Updated radar to reflect building at Car.
– Fixed errant displacement at Side Pit.
– Added a few rooftop faces that can be seen while boosting.

[ MISC ]
– Server log dispatch over HTTP includes a new header “X-Server-Instance-Token” that will be unique number derived from that server’s command line, account token and local IP.